Friday, October 27, 2006


The Legion of Honor museum in SF held an 'Art Deco Day', in honor of their show of Art Deco jewellery and art. The Art Deco Society was invited to grace the opening day with their cars and lavish costumes, and they had a parade of cars across the Golden Gate Bridge to the museum. I 'crashed' the party, being the only motorcyclist present, but at least I had the correct period gear and bike. All the drivers/passengers with the cars were done up in 20's style, with a lot of period extras like gramophones playing, wicker picnic baskets, etc; note the fellow in the tux attending a '34 Talbot Lago, in the background of the Sunbeam photo. The '26 Rolls Silver Ghost is my idea of a good time on four wheels. It sounded fantastic driving down the road.

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