Thursday, October 19, 2006


Dai Gibbison, David Vincent, moi, at Brooklands Reunion Sep '05. David Vincent won a Gold Star (100mph lap in a race) on a '34 Velo KTT, in 1936. He was inspired to begin racing after his friends tired of being blown off by his fast riding, and insisted he take it to the track; he thrashed his ride-to-work KSS in the very first Clubman's race at Brooklands, netting a lowly position, so immediately sought out a real racing machine. He purchased the ex-Lamacraft Velo mkIV KTT, two years old, and within a few races had gained the coveted Gold Star (not many were awarded for 350cc machines). His bike was the same model as mine (see below), and I can attest to the speed possible - it was clocked at 105mph and rising.
Lower photo shows David with his actual Gold Star medal; says he, "Gold Star, pah! It's brass!"

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