Monday, October 23, 2006


Goodwood Revival; if you're a fan of old cars, planes, motorcycles, people in period dress, great photo ops, a Veuve Clicquot tent, bespoke tweed suits (special 'Goodwood' weave) by Lord March's personal tailor, or having a shave and haircut while watching the races in an old leather barber chair...this is the place!  The mega-estate of Lord March encompasses within its vastness a full racetrack, a sprint course, a castle, an airfield, numerous houses and private drives, restaurants, etc.  The 12,000 acre estate is well situated in the south of England, with easy access from London, and has become a magnet for Revivalists and fans of vintage vehicles of all types. 
Car and motorcycle races from specific eras and competition types (Grand Prix, F1, F500, prewar, postwar) run on the track all day, while the grass airfield is abuzz with regular takeoffs, landings, and flyovers of vintage aircraft, including the Spitfire above, and B17 Flying Fortress, B24 Liberator, plus truly ancient biplanes and more modern jets.  The Spitfire and attending crew (above) listened to a gramophone, before the pilots in WW2 gear 'scrambled' and took off!
Your truly enjoyed this Rolls Royce 'Howdah' (maharajah's hunting jitney) with late prey... my period suit (from cap to shoes) was purchased the day prior, at a vintage clothing emporium in a tiny town near Lincoln; I was lucky to find the outfit, as the Revival specifies 'period dress' from patrons, and most complied...the few who didn't looked quite silly in their trainers and windbreakers. Third photo shows the race staging area; everyone looks the part, from owners to mechanics. The cars are Formula 2, with Ford 4-cyl engines. The video shows these cars taking off for the race - if the film had been in black and white, it might be 1964! video

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