Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A nice pic of Paul Zell and one of his amazing Zellocettes; this one is the MeSS, with around 700-odd cc's of raw power, utilizing a special cylinder head/barrel/piston to create shocking stomp on the road. He regularly humbles riders of new machines, and this bike has proved to be fairly reliable, after much experimentation on earlier versions of 'bigger banger' theme.

His previous Velo special, the monstrous 780cc Thruxton (featured in Cycle World), produced amazing power, but was prone to mechanical gremlins. At this point, Paul is reverting to a standard 500cc engine in his Thruxton, as he's tired of chasing the weaknesses in an overstressed engine. But, the MeSS has been going strong for a couple of years now.

For a short video of what you can expect from a potent Thruxton, watch this video!

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