Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Riding 'The Mule' ('33 Velocette KTT) on a dirt road last July, promised to be 8 miles, but turned out to be 48! The top pic shows how filthy the bike became. Not many 75 yr old bikes out on the dirt, but The Mule does surprisingly well on rough stuff, as it only weighs 250lbs.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blog!

I was brousing The Vintagent for interesting bits on Rudges, Nortons & Velocettes when I came across a link to your 33 Velocette Mk IV KTT.

Firstly, congrats on having such a lovely old bike!

2nd, I recalled an article in Vic Willoughby's book "Classic Motorcycle Engines" in which he detailed some modifications to the Mk 8 KTT that he was racing in 50 ( back before he was short-circuited into writing). Some mods were for reliability, some for power. All would be able to be recreated today should one be searching for one or the other (or both).
Oiling in 1935 on the Mk 5; bevel box scavenging to reduce plug fouling; reshaping the intake tract& piston crown; stellite on the reshaped rockers; etc.

Somewhere in my labrary, I have a (Xerox) copy of VW's first little booklet with an article on the 4 cylinder Norton that was started & never finished. I think that it had the intakes facing forward to gain any pressure increases due to "Ram Air Charging" & reduced ducting losses. A 1 cylinder 125 was built & put on the dyno but then the whole project was put in a box under the bench.

Like your easy to read writing in The Vintagent, I can easily spend hours with VW catching up on the latest technology of 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 years ago. Please keep up with your brilliant blog!