Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Two more pix from the Legends Concours. Top pic is Alfredo Orzi from Milan, who is touching a Brough Superior SS100! More importantly, his outfit; he told me it was bespoke, made from an old design, for motorcycling. Love the socks! He is a delightul character, who had flown from Italy just to attend/participate in the event.
Lower pic shows Jared Zaugg, who with wife Brooke organized the Legends, two years in the planning, and financially guaranteed with his personal credit cards! That's committment. He's wearing a great vintage-y outfit with those spectator shoes, and looking pretty darn good for a guy who hadn't slept in a couple of days. I'm wearing a vintage Dunhill coat, one of the few items of clothing I've bought on ebay, but I needed a blue jacket for judging duties. A polka-dotted necktie is doing double-duty as my pocket square, which matches my ca 1970 Sears polyester shirt. Yes!

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