Sunday, October 21, 2007


Mike has the 'Harley Chopper' back on the road, and his own words say it best:
"After 3 days work my
Harley Chopper is back on the road. No real serious
damage except the head lite, it took 3 lights to fill
the void left by its absence. I had to remove the
cylinders because there was dirt inside the carb and
all the way to the intake valves. About a pint of dirt
was inside the exhaust system. I want to thank all the
people who helped retrieve my bike from the cliff that
tried to swallow me. Ian Davidson sent me photos and a
new accessory for my bike. It's a incline Gage, or as
I like to call it, a inclinator. It measures lean
angels. Next time I will be able to tell exactly how
steep the cliff I ride off is!"
If anyone reading this can locate an oval headlamp, as pictured in the previous post, please contact me and I'll get you in touch with Mike. I think they came off a 30's car?
I love the Inclinator! It looks entirely home made, yet totally period.

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