Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Here's the best thing about keeping a blog; sometimes I get responses from a reader or someone I've pictured, and a great story is revealed.
I posted the bottom photo on my All-British Ride entry, but didn't know who the happy rider might be. It turned out to be Curtis Millman, and he had this to say about his Royal Enfield Model J:

"This bike has been in my family since it was new... I have the original sales receipt and license tags. My father paid $637.49 on Nov.12, 1946, for that bike in Vancouver BC, which must have been a large sum of money in those days. Thank you for including me and my family heirloom on your website... I look forward to future rides with the local club, as this was my first."
It's a lovely machine, and a really nice restoration. I especially like the blue pinstriping on the chrome/silver tank. Here's to seeing the RE, and Curtis, in the future.


Anonymous said...

nice machine squire!


Pete Brubaker said...

I have a 1946 Royal Enfield That was sold new in Rhodesia. It looks very much like this bike except for colour. (It's Ox blood red) Mine is a modle G (single port head) My wife and I ride it every summer. If you add our age to the age of the Motorcycle you get 210 years.