Sunday, February 10, 2008


This wasn't my find, but a pic from my friend Matt (affectionately known as 'Flipper', not because he resembles the dolphin, but he finds the most amazing deals on cars and bikes, and Always sells them along at a profit).
Matt responded to an ad for an Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint Veloce (he's an Alfa nut) in Southern CA, and lurking at the back of the garage was this ca '58 Norton Manx. Not something you find every day - the bike deserves some scrutiny.
It was ridden on the street at the end of it's racing career, evidenced by the generator attached to the front downtubes, standard handlebars, speedometer, sidestand, and full wiring harness. You might also note the lack of paint on the front fork tubes where the headlamp brackets were undoubtedly bolted on.
The bike is remarkably standard otherwise... I had a '57 Manx for a minute, and wouldn't mind it back! Gotta love the cobwebs hanging from the frame... truly a 'barn find'. Unfortunately, the bike is going to rot a while longer, as I called, and the fellow doesn't want to sell.

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