Monday, March 31, 2008


After thirty years of motorcycling - riding, wrenching, collecting, reading, writing - I've decided it's time to grow up, and give up motorcycling for good, for ever. It's taken up too many hours of my life, and now all the things I could have done are coming back to haunt me. If I had invested all the money I've spent on motorcycles and related stuff, I would be a very wealthy man right now.
My daughter is going off to college, I hardly spend time with her, now my opportunity is almost gone, and I must seize these last moments and get to know her better before she's grown up and gone. My wife is right that my motorcycles are an obsession, and really, since she asked me to choose, I choose her.
I now have 23 motorcycles for sale, an amazing collection of racing machinery, with a few roadsters thrown in for good measure (13 Velocettes, 2 Sunbeams, 2 Nortons, 2 Douglas', 1 Royal Enfield, 1 Rex Acme, 1 Scott, 1 Rudge). I'm also selling a 30 years' collection of motorcycle books, around 1500 volumes in all, just about everything published in English about motorcycles before 1950. Also, there's a big collection of vintage riding gear, helmets, posters, files, photographs, special tools, and literally tons of spare parts (rare magnetos/racing carbs/wheels/frames/ girder forks/etc.) Retail value of all this would be around $740,000. I'll sell the lot for a fraction of that - $150k - just get it out of my life, so I can do something more productive. I've got my real estate license now, and a publisher for my self-help book on addiction, 'Swamped by Stuff'. My new life is waiting, help me start it now, you'll get an absolute bargain.
Email me immediately if you're serious; We can discuss how to get all this stuff from my space to yours. No financing, no partial lots - it's all or nothing at this price. I could put it all on ebay, but that would take a year, and I don't want to change my mind. April Fools!


The Velobanjogent said...

Caught DQ out with the date.....
but then I'M pretty gullible!

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, aprils fool.

The Creeper said...

Yeah, and I got bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya... :-)

PS: Dibs on the Sunbeam.

Jason said...

ha ha thats great...dindt see it coming!!

hellsheros said...

you had me i was calling the bank for the loan... good one!