Sunday, April 06, 2008

One More Velocette 'Sprinter'

While we're on the subject, Keith Canning from Queensland, Australia, sent me these photos with a note today:

"Just thought that you may be interested... [our] record-breaker-attempt Velo started for the first time on Thursday 3rd April at about 4.30 pm Qld time. It's loud, sounds great and looks great.
Just need some straight road to test it. At present the Salt Lake is wet, so not sure when we will get a run. Next step is on the dyno then on to a drag strip to sort a few things. The fairing is finished and we had the Queensland Velo folk out on Sunday to celebrate.
Just some details about the bike; [bore] about 700cc, with 102mm stroke and 93.5mm bore, 14:1 [compression ratio] on methanol. Lots of head work with different valve angles, etc, and longer rockers. It's actually sitting in a '59 Viper frame.
The goal is fairly simple - Just to see how fast we can get a Velo to go.

Note Land Rover with rollers, and a little 'assembly oil' smoke!

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