Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Back in December 2007 I wrote about a photo shoot for Garage Magazine, which included my 1926 Norton Model 25, graced by Nicole in period garb. Issue #17 of Garage is now available, and the photo looks great in the magazine - the Norton is the only bike in the article which is recognizable; the balance of the photo essay, "Just a Little Bit of History Repeating", is understandably focussed on the models.

Top photo; the cover of the magazine features Dita Von Teese lounging against Jay Leno's (replica) Bugatti Atlantique...shape on shape on shape. Fascinating car; the body was originally made of magnesium, so the panels were rivetted rather than welded, giving an overall aircraft-construction look, with a long raised seam along the back of the car, like a fin. Three were originally built; Ralph Lauren has one, supposedly another real one still exists, and the rest are replicas.

Garage magazine has no nudity, but you still might want to hide the mag from the kids... Actually, I find Garage to be the most readable of the 'Kustom Kulture' rags, and some of the subject matter is fascinating and well researched. Mixed with the girlie fluff, of course.

Middle photo is a scan from the magazine, bottom photo was taken by me on my phone, as I had forgotten the real camera! Still, the ultra-low resolution gives a bit of atmosphere to the shot.

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