Monday, May 19, 2008


Mark Upham of British Only Austria is now the CEO of Brough Superior, and is already undertaking to manufacture a new Brough Superior SS100, based on the 1927 998cc KTOR (86x86mm)model. Mark's intention is in line with the original Brough Superior brief; build the finest motorcycle money can buy, regardless of cost. Clearly, these machines won't be cheap, as he has gone to great lengths to find the best sources for all of his casting and machining needs - just as George Brough did between 1919 to 1940. I've seen some of the components he is using, and they all appear to be brilliantly made, and machined to modern tolerances, with a consistency and quality of manufacture simply not possible in GB's day (having owned four BS's, I think I have a leg to stand on in that argument...).

The new Brough Superior will be a limited production run model, and totally bespoke; each machine will be tailored to the owner's requirements, in terms of finish, accessories, specification of items such as carburettor and electrics, plating, wheel size, and placement of handlebars, footrests, and controls to suit the physique and riding style of the gent in the saddle. Just as with the original SS100, in fact.

Mark is considering the production of a modernized Brough Superior at a later date, is aware of the shortcomings of such attempts in the past, and is patient enough to ensure that such a machine is worthy of the hallowed SS100 name (ie, no Harley-engined knockoffs).

I can't wait for the press road test!

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DAVID said...

I used to work For Mr Brough Junior at the old Basford works here in Nottingham.
It was an engineering business when I went to work there and I was only 15 years old at the time.
Even though it wasnt producing bikes it still did the odd repair and made parts if needed.
I remember sneaking into the staff rest room where George junior and management had their tea breaks and lunch's and I can still see myself sitting on George Brough Juniors Brough Golden Dream.
Wow what a bike and whet a buzz I got.