Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A fellow in Argentina went into the basement and found a colony of Ants which had lain undisturbed for many years... but, since these were Rumi Formichini (Italian for Ants), it attracted my interest!
Rumi was well-known in the 1950's and 60's for their beautifully constructed two-stroke twins of 125-200cc, which had distinctive laid-down cylinders. Their sporting motorcycles are the most famous, but they also made this unusual scooter, which uses cast aluminum body parts instead of pressed steel, forming a monocoque chassis with the engine as a stressed member. The engine is 125cc two-stroke twin cylinder, with twin 18mm carbs (22mm on the Sports Model - yes!), and chromed cylinder bores; it was the fastest scooter available at the time. The Formichino won its class in the Bol d'Or 24 hour race at Montlhery, 3 times - 1957/8/60. Of course, you could then buy the 'Bol d'Or' version of the scooter - painted gold, with a whopping 9hp. The Rumi factory ceased motorcycle production in 1962. There is a nice website devoted to the scooter here.


Terry Davies said...

For current information on the Moto Rumi marque try visiting www.motorumiclub.co.uk, it's following is alive and well in United Kingdom

Hugo said...

You also can find a Forum about this scooter and all Rumi in General here:


I love this little scooter!!!!