Sunday, June 29, 2008


When it's sunny and warm outside (and I reassure you that it's NOT in foggy San Francisco), a young man's thoughts turn to two things, and clearly this fellow has indulged in both.
In what must have been a publicity photo for BMW ca 1928 or so, this little R39 had a lot to carry for its 6.5 hp. Getting there was so slow, there was no danger that the lady's chic Cloche hat would blow off - it's sitting on his leather coat. 'Where is the Flapper Bracket', Dave asked when he sent the pic - well, I presume it's sitting on the ground next to the girl... perhaps she sat on the tent and all the crockery as well!
In cinema, this would have been a 'pre-code' shot (ie before the Morals Police cleaned up ribald or suggestive imagery in the mid-1930's). It's interesting that advertising photography evolved in three directions; shots of power/prowess (Man on Motorcycle), shots of impending seduction (Man and Woman on Motorcycle), and implied sexual enhancement (Hot Woman on Motorcycle). This photograph transcends all three - they've been there and done that, now it's time for a smoke and a picnic.

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