Friday, August 22, 2008

BRNO GP, 1972

This interesting film, 'Untamed Wheels', was forwarded to me by Elizabeth McCarthy, who had a special relationship with Mike Hailwood; he narrates the film about a very hot 1972 GP in Brno, Czechoslovakia, featuring Agostini, Read, and Saarinen - a mix of MV Agusta and Yamaha, among other contenders. Ago crashes his MV in the 350cc race, and they cart his bike off by sticking a broom handle through the rear wheel. Saarinen's wife Soli gives pit signals in her bikini. Read says he 'never wants to work that hard again'. And a short segment with a camera on Ago's MV is a treat. Enjoy the groovy music! And click on the icon for 'full screen' (that's the little rectangle-within-a-larger-rectangle)...

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