Tuesday, October 21, 2008


More Bill Greene photos; most of these are shot in the mid-60's at Oceano Dunes (formerly Pismo Beach), which are on the coast, and are still accessible to motorsports.

This photo shows young Bill holding onto family friend Phil Eaton; the photo was probably taken by his mother, riding on the back of Bill's father's bike. Another Triumph, a 500cc model, TR5 probably, in 1964.

And this is a Matchless GC3 'Trials' model, ridden by Dick Eaton (brother of the Phil above).

That's Bill in his mom's lap, again in '64. I love the 'mouth organ' badge on these early 60's Triumphs; both are unit-construction 500's, set up for dirt riding.

Bill on the back of his father's Triumph; riding in deep sand like this takes considerable skill!

The bottom photo shows Ronn Blumke cresting a dune on his TR6 650cc Triumph. The dunes are blown continually by an eastward wind, and develop a sharp slope on the leeside (east slope); sand is often cascading down these steep slopes, which are called the 'slipface'. They're the best side to ride up if you want to catch some air at the top!

(All photos copyright Bill Greene 2008)


Anonymous said...


I checked out your blog, and it came out pretty well!
Oddly, it gave me an excuse to look closely at the photos
again. There's something sort of haunting about the black
and white photos at Kelso. It makes me wish he'd taken a
few more of the Pismo photos on black and white, too.

I guess I could convert color to black and white, but it
doesn't end up looking quite the same!

Bill Greene

Anonymous said...


The black and white prints are definitely square in the
photo album. I only have a memory of him using the Pentax
SLR for the slides. Maybe he had another camera I don't
know about..
I had a cheap Kodak camera somewhere during the time
period. Maybe he was using that camera.

What was interesting was when I scanned the photos a 2nd
time at a higher resolution. As used as I was to seeing
the original scans, seeing the photos themselves is really
a different experience. It's hard to explain but they seem
bolder with more impact than the scans reveal.

There are a lot of other interesting things on the blog,
thanks for keeping it going.