Wednesday, October 29, 2008


These photos come from a few websites, including Max Schaaf's terrific 4QConditioning (which specializes in vintage Americana, bikers, and skating - Max and posse are in photo #2), plus the Picasa/Flickr pages of other riders; ie, people with real cameras (Craig Howell and 'Diamante').

I had my hands full of Sunbeam! While it's an incredibly simple motorcycle, it's not simple to ride - not only am I constantly playing with the lever throttle and timing levers, I have to keep a keen eye out for potholes (minimal suspension - probably 1.5" on those Druid forks) and braking 'opportunities' - ie the bike has no brakes to speak of...

Paul Zell brought his Indian bobber, which looks very rideable, with high ground clearance and real brakes up front. Everything the original 'bob-jobs' were... light and functional, stripped down for performance.

On the opposite end of the 'modified' spectrum, this extended-fork Harley chopper was certainly the most radical machine, along with the '13 Excelsior! The 'Black Widow' certainly cut a stylish's all about those pointed boots....enjoy the rest of the photos!

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