Tuesday, October 07, 2008


by Dennis Quinlan

[I thought it relevant to reproduce Dennis' post on racing DKW's, and his plea for information about these photographs. These are the same machines pictured in my previous post about Ziegler's models.]

"These photos are from my archive; I need some help indentifying the places where they were taken, and the dates... so any of you with literature from the period, drop me a line to help out with the ID. The top photo is Walfreid Winkler prewar on his DKW.

Ewald Kluge, 350cc Works DKW, likely during 1951-53 in the photo below. Note interesting headgear! [Machine looks like the 3-cylinder 'Singing Saw' - pd'o]Rider #50 looks very much like Ewald Kluge, and if this is so, and it is the Belgian GP 1939, then he won that race, and continued on to be 'Champion of Europe' after winning 4 out of 7 races towards the championship.

This photo of the DKW and the 'Malmeoy' sign is probably taken at the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps on July 16, 1939.

These two photos show the same machine, #132. [Note the studded front and ribbed rear tires!]"


Anonymous said...

Saw the article on your Velo in Motorcycle Classics. Great to see you out and riding the bike, that is what they are made for.
Also, the DKW page in your blog is excellent. I am going to forward it to my wife's relative in Switzerland, Rolf Blatter.
Rolf raced Kreidlers back in the days, (second in the world championships once, I believe). His Dad raced BMW Rennsport sidecars at one time and also owned one of the Supercharged two stroke DKWs.

Mike Z
Sun Prairie WI

Frank said...

The sign probably reads Malmedy, which is a township near Francorchamps