Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I've been in contact with Nik Coole, an artist living near Avignon, France, who likes to paint old motorcycles in the off-hours from his job doing really high-end graphic design work. By coincidence, I had seen his painting of Tazio Nuvolari (sitting with his Bianchi 'Frecchia Celeste' dohc 350cc racer - see below) at the library of a friend in Germany, and remarked at the time that his painting wasn't a run-of-the-mill 'motorcycle painting', had actual artistic merit, and evidenced a skilled hand.

He's been doing commissions for collectors and museums as well, including some interesting North African studies, but for The Vintagent, he's sent photos of recent work, most of which is available for sale (not the Tazio painting above - my friend isn't selling!).

Nik says, "My father was a well-known traditional Marine artist [Brian Coole?], and growing up in this environment it seemed natural to follow in his lineage. I studied technical illustration and design in college, because I love looking at those old 'how it works' exploded views of engines. At the time, airbrush was a tool which really interested me, but my paintings of motorcycles are all done by hand with a brush."

"I like mostly pre-40 motorcycles; I love the racers but it's the workhorses that have greatest appeal for me to ride. I had a BSA M20 military machine, which I sold before moving to France - unfortunate as it would be brilliant to chug around near where I live. I have the urge for a flat-tanker now ."
[ And don't we all!]

If you want to contact Nik about his work, email him here - his prices are very reasonable, and he takes commissions.

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