Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ed Youngblood in front of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. Circa 2004.
Ed Younglbood, publisher of the Motohistory website, has included a biographical piece about the Vintagent on his site today, with lots of embarrassing early pictures of me. The article is here. I encourage you to visit his site and explore the great depth of stories and articles included - it's uniformly excellent, and I'm flattered to be included within its pages.

Ed Youngblood
Ed has a lot of great stories himself, having been editor of Cycle News in the motorcycle boom years of the 70's, as well as many years of work on the Board of the AMA, FIM, and AMCA. He has curated or co-curated many motorcycle exhibitions (including the Art of the Motorcycle) and published quite a few books on motorcycles, including 'A Century of Indian', 'Heroes of Harley Davidson', and biographies of John Penton and Dick Mann (all these can be purchased from his website). He was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999.


Guzzisue said...

I've only recentley found your blog but will be avidly reading it over the next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I’ll thank my friend Mr. Youngblood for vectoring his readers to your very interesting site, me included. I was unaware of The Vintagent previously but will be a regular visitor. Good stuff overall, with stimulating discussion.

I was a bit disappointed in TV’s relative paucity of Triumph commentary (3 items at last count) but agree with your comment about the state of published Triumph history pre-Turner. I’ve recently gotten the wheels off the ground on a book (likely 2010) that hopefully will rectify this situation. This marque is for me what cammy Velos and Nortons are to you. My schedule for 2009 focuses on a thorough revamp and update of my first (1993) book, “Triumph Motorcycles in America” which sold out five print runs at MBI. When that’s to bed I can put more attention to what I’ve nicknamed, “The Big Book of Triumph” with proper attention to the Bettmann-through-Page/Sangster era.

You’ve gained a new reader and I look forward to learning more about our shared passion in TV.

Lindsay Brooke
Plymouth, MI

Anonymous said...

HI Paul

We have met a couple of times at The Legend of the Motorcycle. I’d like to see your blog each time it’s revised. Can I be notified?
Best wishes,

Tim Parker

vintagent said...

Hi Tim,
there's an 'RSS feed' signup bar on the right side of my blog; if you add your email, it will notify you each time I add a post. Luckily, it doesn't notify you each time I alter a post, which usually happens ten times before I correct all the repetitions and spelling mistakes and odd photo placements relative to text...
Let me know if it works!
Happy New Year, Paul