Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The plot thickens.. we have two claimants to the title of Madame X:

#1. Ellen Pfeiffer, founder of W.I.M.A. in Europe in 1958, who died in 2001 at 69 years old. I've found two documented photos of Ellen, which are above and below.

#2. Anke-Eve Goldmann, of whom I know nothing. But, photos claiming to be of Anke-Eve form the 1970's riding an MV Agusta (see below) overlap with a few of the earlier photos of Madame X riding her BMW...

The lust for speed evident in the high-speed pix of the woman on the BMW R69S and the MV Augusta 750S (above) is certainly a common thread, as is the need to have the newest/fastest motorcycle. I'll continue to research these intriguing women, and post the results.

Clearly she is 'getting down to it' with the MV, which is a much faster machine, capable of 230kph, whereas the R69S would reach 180kph on a very good day.

She appears to have two MVs; a modified 750S, seen above, and an earlier 750 America with a fairing, wire wheels, drum brakes, and a chrome exhaust system.

It's terribly difficult to sort out a who's who on this one... perhaps one our readers will enlighten us?


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

I stumbled upon your blog by accident and I wanted to praise you on such a great job, I love reading your posts and looking at the great pictures you upload. I used to race speedway in Costa Mesa CA in the early 90s,
I was also a pit mechanic for some of the division 1 riders as well. If I keep reading your blog its going to force me to get a bike again, I am interested in super moto or maybe vintage flat track, will see once I make that decision.

Keep up the great work !!

Anonymous said...

tell me, have you found this lady, Anke-Eve Goldmann??

The Vintagent said...

Yes, she's alive in Germany, but prefers her privacy. I've fully investigated her story, though, and will publish the results in print. Keep an eye out!