Friday, February 20, 2009


Dave sent this photo today, and it deserves a click to see the details. Great atmosphere; the old buildings in the town center with a narrow and unlined main street, the expectant crowds wearing suits and fedoras, the Spanish flag bunting (convenient to use a tricolor as the flag - it can stretch endlessly), the marginal start line, all speak to a 'local' race in a small town, where a bunch of motorcycles blasting through the streets is the most exciting thing to happen since the Civil War ended about 10 years ago...
What we see is three professional racers in this 350cc event; two on Velocette MkVIII KTTs (#s 3 & 31), an early AJS 7R (#8), plus the 'local talent' who likes to ride his motorcycle quickly between farm and town, riding a wholly inappropriate Sarolea (?) with hand-shift, heavy valanced mudguards, wide handlebars with up-turned levers, and most dangerously, studded trials tires. He is wearing leathers, but his jacket has epaulets (never seen on racing kit), his pants are bulky, and he appears to be wearing his shiny street shoes rather than the purposeful boots of the other racers.
Worst of all is the utter disdain being shown by #3, literally looking down his nose at #1.
But, he is NUMERO UNO for the moment! Tally ho!


Anonymous said...

i believe the number one is the civil guard police man in Spain; at the time they had three different types of cops - civil guard , local and military... all had powers of arrest. due to the weather in the south they became victims of the tourista package holidays (a web page could be written on the package holiday flights ) the money it produced broke the governments hold on the people Spain is now a retirement area for the rest of Europe

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

this is just to tell you I appreciate your blogg a
I have not been able to find your mix of text and
pics anywhere else. Just to my taste!


Mats, Sweden