Saturday, April 18, 2009


Falcon Motorcycles have created a new mega-website, which includes guest blogs, and of course the Vintagent has a spot (focusing on the History of the Custom motorcycle, naturally). I recommend a visit, and a return, as the plan of Ian and Amaryllis is to continually update the site with new content and information.

They've announced a new series of 10 custom British motorcycles, all named after varieties of Falcon, to be based on iconic Marques; Velocette, Vincent, Ariel, BSA, Rudge, Norton, AJS, etc. Given the extraordinarily high quality of their previous efforts (including the 'Bullet' above, which won 'Best Custom' at the Legend of the Motorcycle Concours in '08), I'm excited to see the results of their vision, and lathe!


Jorge Pullin said...

Hey, don't forget Royal Enfield! They actually mention it!


Affer said...

The Bullet is a really sympathetic recreation - has wonderful lines and character. I'm sure their other models will be brilliant and will be fascinated to see how the Vincent and Brough based models tuen out. But mostly, I'd love to see what they could do with something less iconic - like a Panther big single; to make it into the bike it might have been.

Anonymous said...

so far the radical chic bobber has never looked more than faye to me i,m looking forward to seeing if these guys can put a little umph in the look , and or maybe the short range look is designed for a matching kindney belt, and a article by tom wolfe

YJH said...

oulala_revolution ahead_thanks paul

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Just thought I'd let you know we've linked to you in a piece on Falcon.

Keep up the great work, I'm an avid reader of The Vintagent!


Chris Hunter
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Anonymous said...

I´m a BSA entusiast, I love the old motorcycles and I´m the proud owner of a military 1944 WM20 and a ZB34 1951, I´m restoring the bikes, lots of things to do, but very happy.
I saw your blog page congrats! is very nice, I hope we can keep in touch, tell me more about your bikes, ok ?
Send photos if you can, I´ll be glad to recive them.

Anonymous said...

lovely bike, and I really mean that, but at a half million? these guys are having a laugh. ridiculous. lovely bike though.
cheers, Gary J Parker
Canadian rep, INOA
(International Norton Owners Assoc.)

Falcon Motorcycles said...

Half million? Agreed - that would be ridiculous to say the least (albeit lovely for us to actually make that kind of money!!!!!) Where on earth did you read that number?!

Clipstock said...

I have been drooling over this bike since it was posted. Really beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, I saw the falcon site. Nice. Did you get a chance to see it's a work in progress . I'm building a T140V chop
bob for my web guy. In trade. He's
doing a better job so far. Take it easy. Keep blogging. Good
stuff. Ken @ KBC

Anonymous said...

The blog article named "Visual Gratification", up until yesterday, had in the text that figure for your bikes, now whether it was a misprint or not, it has since been altered to 25,000, a completely realistic figure. My apologies, but I was going by what i read in that review, chances are it was simply a misprint.
cheers and good luck, Gary
BTW, SOOOOOOOOO much nicer than anything those custom builders on the telly have put together, best of luck to you all.