Friday, April 24, 2009


The postponement of the Legend of the Motorcycle show for 2009 has left a significant void in the motorcycle calendar. In three short years, the event set a new standard for bike shows everywhere, and created something we didn't yet know we needed - a place where gearheads like us could acknowledge that yes, we've been interested in Fine Art all along, thank you.

Stepping into the date this year is the 'Quail Motorcycle Gathering', and if you're not an afficianado of rare cars 'the Quail' might not mean much... but like the Pebble Beach Concours (we'll get to that later...), ' The Quail Motorsports Gathering' is an ultra-exclusive, rare-automobile show, or as organizer Gordon McCall likes to say, what 'might happen if a car show broke out at a 4-star restaurant'. Tickets are limited to 3000 at the car show, which might sound like a lot, but given the acreage available at the Carmel Valley resort, the event is very much, as the old Brooklands axiom goes, 'the right crowd and no crowding'.
Gordon is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and discussed the possibility of hosting the Legends at the Quail, but some technical/financial/contractual issues made this impossible, and thus he's organized a different type of bike event in conjunction with Bonham's auction house, who also had the weekend free... in conversations with McCall he made it plain that he has the utmost respect for Jared Zaugg/Brooke Roner and the Legends, and laments greatly that the economy has scotched their event this year.

Here's the schedule; Friday May 8th, the Inaugural Quail Motorcycle Tour; 100 miles of riding through the spectacular coast highway and hills. $250, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner included. The ride is limited to 20 participants (if you'd like to go, better call fast...831/620-8887 or (toll-free) 877/734-4628), and Cycle World will be giving a prize for a motorcycle which completes the ride AND is shown Saturday.
Saturday May 9th; the Motorcycle Gathering and show - $65 including lunch, with the Bonham's auction at 3pm. The Gathering is a motorcycle show and NOT a Concours event - there will be no formal judging of the bikes, as per the Motorsports event.
Given reports from previous Quail events, the food and drink are guaranteed to be excellent.

Unfortunately, I won't be there! I'm working on a super-secret Motorcycle Television show pilot in another state that weekend; would that I could be in two places at once, as I'd dearly love to show the upstarts a clean pair of heels Friday on my Sunbeam, then show it on the Saturday, resplendent in oil mist...


Anonymous said...

great photo of the hillclimber. Maybe a late teens Reading Standard? I can't tell on my phone. He has the rear wheel buried up to the sprocket teeth!

Omer said...

I work for one of the local television stations in the Salinas/Monterey area and I'm hoping we do some decent coverage this year of the motorcycles.