Monday, May 11, 2009


Somer Hooker sent his report on the Quail as well:

My vote for the most bitchin' bike hauler.Evan Wilcox hood on there [Evan is the expert alloy basher... pd'o].

Several club displays from Northern California.

Malcolm Barber auctions off Steve McQueen's driver's FIM license. $35,000 + 17% buyers premium.

About 110 bikes on display in all capacities.

A lot of people didn't give this Honda street CR-93 (one of 30) a second look. [They should have; I wrote a passionate description in the catalog - pd'o..] It was sold for $43,000.00

One of 16 Vincent "White Shadows". In essence a Black Shadow that was not enameled.This one had some Lightning goodies.There was debate as to whether it was red originally.It was sold after the sale for $95,000.00

Derek Minter's Manx was sold for $33,000. The fine print pointed out that it was not the motor as fitted at the factory and raced.Plus, it was "loosely assembled for inspection".

The partial line up for the sale

Tim Stafford takes off on the ride to Big Sur on his award winning BMW.

This was a nice venue.The event had to be a well kept secret.Most of the publicity I found was through Bonhams.The weather was quite agreeable. A ride to Big Sur had twelve people on it.The $250 fee probably didn't help things.The $125 dinner was good.
There was room for three times as many bikes on the field.When the final awards were given for five bikes,three were vintage. The most deserved was Tim Stafford's restored /2 BMW.He restored it ,rode it and then sold it for good money in the auction.
Several people I spoke to said this would be a good "club" event. They agreed that with the peer judging of bikes, that you probably wouldn't be able to attract "world class" bikes. You could probably be able to draw from the region though.

Thanks Somer!


Anonymous said...

I suppose the 4 Crockers, AJS 7R's, Velocettes, MV's, BMW's, etc. are not "world class"???? I have never seen Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts, Bubba Shobert, Mert Lawwill, Doug Chandler, and Craig Vetter at a "club event"!! The theme of the show was "The History of the Motorcycle", only fitting that 2 of the 5 bikes to receive awards were more modern.....I thought the show was fantastic, and suspect that next year their show field will be packed with great bikes!

R.Dress said...

I believe the Honda is a 125cc 1958 model. Honda's first wave of bikes to race the TT in the late 50s. Any shots of the Tachometer? It should say 13,000. That's right 13,000 RPMS. I guess all the 125 race bikes where tuned up to the brink of death, making it possible to hit speeds a little over 100MPH. Some of the 50cc bikes where given like 20 gears or so to do the Ton. I wonder if this is a 6 speed. Any how great shots Paul.