Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Not that I ever thought of myself as one, but here's the text of the article from the September '09 BSH:

"Having rather late in life plunged into the deep tidal pool of internet blogging, I've become quite keen to read other people's offerenings. This is for interest and research purposes, and obviously not to see what I can steal. Honest. But, for quite some time, one of my regular haunts has been the Vintagent blog run by Paul d'Orleans, and which has been running for over three years. Paul's interest in motorcycles goes much further back in time than that (although not as far as his sometimes whimsical dress sense would indicate - he's very keen on period clothing, perhaps handed down by his grandmother who was once editor of Vogue magazine) [I don't wear my grandmother's clothing, fyi. pd'o] After starting to ride at the age of fifteen (on a Honda Express!), he's been collecting vintage motorcycles for over twenty-five years now and owns an impressive amount, including a 1921 Works-prepared Royal Enfield, a 1926 Norton Model 25, a couple of Sunbeams, a 1929 Rudge Ulster, a '33 Velocette KTT MkIV and a 1960 Velocette Venom Clubman. But he also collects books, magazines, and artwork, and it's not surprising that this should have led to the blog, which is just another form of collecting. Paul is well-known throughout the collecting world on the west coast of America where he lives, and has not only spoken at auctions but judged concours events including the renowned Legend of the Motorcycle at Half Moon Bay. This might make him sound a little precious, but Paul is far from that. His continuing passion and enthusiasm for classic motorcycles - of all eras and sizes - is clear through the Vintagent, and the items happily roam all over the world, including several British events. I want to do the Moto Melee next year. Go and look, and you'll understand why. Paul explains the appeal of the Vintagent like this: [see my 'Story of Motorcycling' statement text on the sidebar!]"

Many thanks to 'Blue' and Back Street Heroes for the nod.


Electra Glide In Blue said...

Congrats on the nod, from the folks that use ink and paper, I my have to check out this rag.

Electra Glide In Blue

YJH said...

I'll suscribe to BSH_next should be the Vanity Fair if they do not want to be passed by The New York Times

John E. Adams said...

A well deserved congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Paul, Add a link to BSH, and return the favor.

Anonymous said...

… I thought at least you would have your picture with a tattooed bird with her baps out ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have engine Velocette for sale. I live in Ukraine and
interesteed vintage motorcycles. Give me your price for the engine, please.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Don't let this go to your head & start wearing denim cut-offs, black hoodies & DP camo jackets Paul!

Blue said...

My pleasure, Paul - and congratulations on a fine web site.

If you do wear your grandmother's clothing, it's really okay!