Friday, November 20, 2009


Dermot Walshe is a cartoonist of some clear talent, and an enthusiast of early motorcycles and history - clearly a man of excellent inclinations! His blogsite Zoomfrog was the recent host of his hand drawn exploration of Stanley Woods' first Isle of Man experience, racing a Cotton - the start of a long and illustrious career. Dermot's drawing style is as old-school as his content, in the manner of classics like Tin Tin; I love the sepia coloration, just like the photographs and films of the era.
Dermot is hoping for funding to make a full-length animated film out of his story... and let's hope he is successful!


ed said...

stanley was in the toffee business and i was lucky enough to buy a old toffee tin box at a auction with TT toffee and stanley woods on the side of it .I hope the cartoon gets the funding because Stanley is a forgotten Hero.

daveinnola said...

stan rode the v8 guzzi and from what i read he was always held in the highest reguard by guzzi

knossos said...

Hi Paul. He's got some real talent! thanks for sharing his art with us.


Affer said...

Woods was one of so many great riders who, heroes in their day, dwindled into obscurity as motorcycle racing itself declined in the sixties. We Brits will remember Hailwood and Sheene for a while yet, the latter as much for his crashes and appearances in dodgy aftershave ads! Rossi's 'Brand' is probably worldwide, but the world at large doesn't really remember Doohan, Rainey, Schwantz, Gardner et al. Shame.
As to Walshe's brilliant work, he's the ideal man to retell the legend of Edgar Jessop....!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Paul, we can revive these lost heros and their stories!

Anonymous said...

thanks for running such an interesting Blog,Paul.
I am only happy to have drawn it to the attention of a few more readers.