Monday, December 07, 2009


The second annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering will slip gently into the calendar over the 'Legends' weekend, on Saturday May 8th, at the Quail Lodge Golf Club. While some concern circulated that the Quail Lodge per se had shuttered its doors this Fall, apparently the Golf Course is still functioning as always; their acclaimed and exclusive motorsports events will carry on without the hotel.

To encourage participation, the organizers are offering (via the Vintagent!) discount on tickets purchased during these last weeks of 2009; the $50 admission includes lunch, the motorcycle show, and the Bonham's motorcycle auction held during the day. Click on the image above so you can read the details; to buy tix you can call 831.620.8887 or visit the Quail Lodge website (click here).


daveinnola said...

wot no burn up?

Anonymous said...

"Acclaimed as northern California's premier motorcycling event." Who is this quote attributed to and who do the Quail think they're kidding? (Any responsible person knows an unattributed quote is fiction and hyperbole.) If indeed someone actually said this, did they event attend last year's show? Humourous.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Anonymous. As great as the 2010 Quail might be, I can think of several motorcycling events in NorCal that would be higher on my list.