Thursday, December 24, 2009



Anonymous said...

Thanks for a really well done website. I've learned, and still am, some things you've
covered via pictures and stories about bikes ridden and their histories. Your effort is
a gift to bike enthusiasts everywhere. Merry Christmas my friend.

Anonymous said...

ciao Paul,
only for say you Happy Christmas and Good Year

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

Motoring GeorgeSpauwen

The Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,

merry christmas for you and you family and a great 2010

with a lot of sucsess.

best wishes, take care


Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

Am I the only one to catch the "Histoire d'O" reference in one of the comments on the Manx "find"?

In any case, thanks for the always informative and the ever more literate--your Ph.D. is showing--posts to the "Vintagent." My best for the season and the coming year. More great posts and more on-location commentaries, including the A-list auctions, I trust.
Current conditions in the Northeast are definitely not two-wheelable.


Don O'Reilly said...

Many thanks for those wishes, Paul, and for your work the vintagent.

Let's all look forward to '10 with hopes of good health, peace, and prosperity.



Anonymous said...

Hello Paul.
I wrote you about a year ago, thanking you for the great blog. I´m the sailor crossing the Atlantic that said your blog was a ray of light (or something of the sort).
Anyway, Xmas night and I´m back from my sister´s (drunk as a skunk) and I thought I should join the 20th centurie aka facebook and when I aplied I got asked to be a friend of 1 my ex wife, 2 you, 3 a complete stranger. I have no idea why.
I choosed my ex and you and hope you dont mind.
By the way, have you heard about the new museum in Stockholm, Sweden? I have been invalved in building some of the exhibits so if you want any info please let me know.
Best regards, Mårten Thuresson.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of the season...Happy Holidaze one and all. May 2010 be full of great rides, health, wealth, . friends & family. And thanks Paul for your GREAT blog. It's a service to all of us who care about such things. C-ya, Jer

YJH said...

Hey Jim, yes_you've been the only one_that makes the two of us, his biggest fans ;-) Happy Holidays

drsprocket said...

Happy Festivis Paul. Down the road in 2010. Rich

vintagent said...
I was hoping for a few more saucy comments: when I was a lad, the film was really too exciting for words!

John E. Adams said...

And the same to you, your family and friends -;0)


Don O'Reilly said...

"Histoire d'O"

NOW I get it... and a few warm laughs, and memories.
Back when I was in school, I dated a girl who loved that book...whewe!!