Friday, December 18, 2009


Am I psychic? As you can see, timing on the Chanel Triton post was perfect; Chanel have just released a video, 'Vol de Jour' (Flight Days), directed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, using the custom machine, with 'actors' Lara Stone and Baptiste Giacobini cast as shoppers-in-a-hurry.  Our heroes steal the Triton, carrying their helmets on their elbows (and what message are we sending here?  I know, all that hair cost a lot of money...).  Curiously, they abandon the ultra-cool motorcycle outside a Chanel boutique, in order to stuff their logo bags into a microcar driven by an associate.  Plot?  No, but clarity isn't the point, breathless shopping is the point!  And Lara Stone's legs; astounding.
I'm happy to see the motorcycle being used, and the filmmaker does halt a moment to give us an extended glance at the machine.


YJH said...

Ah, what a perfect timing, Monsieur d'O_many congratulations to the 3 makers of this amazing motorcycle_it is just extra-ordinary, a perfect homage to Coco and to the French Glam_unfortunately the use of it is amateur_there are many boring parts in the film not to mention the illegal and dangerous use of a motorbike_this project should have been the launch of a formidable Chanel Bikers Collection with supreme leathers and accessories: boots, gloves, scarfs, silver, watches etc_instead, it is used to promote couture and sandals_here we see that even the greatest brands, when not well advised and not using high discernment, can make wrong choices_remember the Dunhill Vincent-Egli built by Patrick Godet : a semi flop_it may not be too late, Monsieur W. as the Chanel Motorcycle already stands in the History of Icons_Merry Xmas

YJH said...

PS. the Alfred Dunhill Vincent was built by Patrick Godet and designed by maestro Nick Ashley_in 2004, three were built and exhibited in worldwide Dunhill locations (including flagstores Jermin Street London & Huai Hai Road Shanghai)_only two remained the property of Dunhill after a dispute with Godet_the collection was called "everything but the motor"_in the catalogue, the other vehicule used by the brand "equipping Gentlemen since 1893" was a compatible Zagato Aston Martin

Anonymous said...

This was SERIOUSLY directed by Karl Largerfeld?!!?

But he's cool!? Isn't he?

Hmmm. Nice bike. Something fishy going on with the video... maybe it hasn't been edited yet?