Friday, December 04, 2009


David Steube isn't the only person to commit his skin to motorcycling (see my earlier post); these shots of 'Maurice' date from the 1950's... and clearly he was a dedicated fan! With a pair of Featherbed Manx Norton's racing across his pectoral muscles, the St. Maurs 'Winged Mercury' trophy center stage, and a victor's laurel wreath linking the composition, Maurice was either a racing man, or an ardent follower of the Isle of Man TT races...

These photos are taken from the website of the tattooing Skuse family of Bristol, England; patriarch Les Skuse opened shop in 1928 (57 Lower Ashley Rd), founded the British Guild of Tattooing (grandson Jimmy is now president), and ultimately earned the title Champion Tattoo Artist of All England in 1955. Skuse Tattooing is now in its third generation; I wonder how large might be the demand for motorcycles today?

And a shout out to the entertaining blog The Selvege Yard, where these photos were featured.

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knossos said...

If you are interested, there is a very interesting book on Russian prison tattoos (!) at Belljar on 16th and Valencia