Tuesday, December 01, 2009


The second 'Old Indians Never Die' Rally was held at Traquair House in Pebbleshire, Scotland, on July 24th/25th, 2009, and from the film made of the rally, they understand the allure of the 'other' American motorcycle. From the press release of Watermill productions:

"The Rally was possibly the largest collection of vintage Indian Motocycles gathered in Europe.
This is a trailer from the forthcoming 1 hour long documentary. "

I see a few friends in the film, including John Powell's mock Indian 4, which uses a Renault engine! It looks the part - he built the entire machine himself. If the documentary is as witty as the trailer, it will no doubt be a hit with the antique motorcycle brigade. I love the continuous soundtrack of the kickstart ratchet mechanism - so distinctively Indian. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Great clip, great shots, great soundtrack and a successful conveyance of the unique feeling and spirit of it all. Apart from Levi’s, Coca-Cola and maybe Marlboro, there are few products more genuinely American than Indian. God bless the Brits for helping keep this legend alive! -JZ

knossos said...

Hi Jared, don't forget Budweiser and Chevrolet. :)


Red Fred said...

The enthusiasm for Indians in Europe is amazing. The 1995 Old Indians Never Die Rally in Scotland lured over 360 Indians, this years had some 260. I have never witnessed more than 150 together at anything state-side. A refreshing atmosphere, so far from home!

knossos said...

Yo Fred! The AMCA magazine has about 260 Indians in each issue. ;)


Anonymous said...

You can finally order this amazing film by emailing bertie@watermill-london.com

£15.00 (or equivilent) plus p&p (Ship worldwide.)
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