Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My friend Fred just turned 50 (a milestone which looms in my own windshield...), and had a suitably biker-filled party at his home. I thought this a suitable moment to celebrate Fred and his infusion of Indian Motocycles; nobody is as enthusiastic as he about the marque, which he proves by riding his old flatheads all around the world at rallies and tours... but it's his 'garage' which really tells the tale.

It would be difficult to demark exactly where the garage begins and 'home' ends, as his motocycles (plus a couple of tasty cars) are throroughly integrated into his universe. There isn't an actual bike in the kitchen or the bath (although, of course, there are photos), but everywhere else has ample evidence of Fred's passion.

Any true vintagent can only shake his head and smile, as we all have a similar shrine to Motorcycling in our own home, even if it's only a tattered copy of 'Motorcycle Engineering' and a souvenir Vincent valve inspection cap; that's enough, little drummer boy, to appease the Gods of Speed.

That Fred is able to live inside his shrine is testament to his great faith, and that he lives alone!

Happy 50th Fred!


knossos said...

oh yeah. great stuff. He had a Chief on the dining room table, and 4 bikes in just one of the bedrooms. Don't forget the Henderson 4 cylinder motor in the front parlor, complete with aeroplane propeller mounted on the crankshaft. Fred is a passionate guy when it comes to vehicles.

Electra Glide In Blue said...

It is amazing what a man can achieve when he lives alone. Talk about a "man cave", looks like Fred's got a "man castle".

Anonymous said...

What does Fred do for a living? I want to do what he does(if its legal).

Don O'Reilly said...

Fred's place reminds me of an old friend of mine, who lives up on a wooded mountainside, just down the road from me. His 700 sq. ft. bungalow is just stuffed with things he has obtained over the years, though none have the value of those indians, in his living room, he's got a 40 year old sportster, and a bugeye sprite! I have no idea how he got the sprite in there.

Anonymous said...

Red Fred is Indian's best advocate ever and a really kind man. He's never told anybody he was too busy or too tired when it came to promoting, helping, stewarding, advising, restoring, displaying, riding, or anything else when it came to these old bikes. Three cheers for him, (his patient and adventurous wife), Indian, and RF's 50th birthday!


Red Fred said...

Hey! I recognize that place. I never thought of where the house ends, and the garage begins; great analogy Paul!
BTW, Regina does indeed live in here with me, along with Milby, the cat.

What a pleasant surprise finding my stuff on your blog.

Many Thanks, RF.