Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love when readers pose a question I can't answer; I get to throw it out to the world. Have you ever seen this Triumph design before? Amazing... I have no doubt I'll shortly receive a photo of a tattoo with this image!
Here is the query:

"Hey Paul,
My name is Brian, from Brooklyn, NY. Been checking out your blog for some time now and have become quite a fan; great way to kill a few minutes when I really should be working. [FYI - readership spikes during business hours! You're not alone Brian].

Your wealth of knowledge on old bikes is astounding. I have been tinkering around with Triumphs for years now and have been to my share of swaps etc., recently came across a bowling style shirt with an unusual design. I was wondering if you have ever seen one of these before? I realize there are thousands of Triumph t-shirt designs circulating around the world. This seems a little different in that someone took the time and expense to embroider it onto a rather smart looking bowling shirt? Most of these shirts have company names i.e. "Joe's Welding" or whatever on the back to represent the team. Is this possibly a team shirt from Triumph worker's bowling team? Seems far fetched but I have never seen this skull/unit motor design before. Just wondering if there might be something else to it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks man, Brian K."


Anonymous said...

That would have made a good logo for the Dylan and the Dead album.

Faith said...

Just found your blog. My avatar is me on my dad's bike in 1971. Now husband and I ride a VTX1300 - runs in the family.

David Blasco said...

Wish I could answer. The artwork is a bit gruesome, particularly in the dental area, but the artist knows engines: note the bearing race in the corner of the mouth. Silly as it is, I do hope someone has an answer for this mystery. I'd love to know.

Jeremy Melling said...

I first saw this sometine in the mid or late seventies, I think in Bike magazine. I may be able to find out more and let you know.

Tom said...

I have a vintage t shirt with the same skull on.... id love to know more too

brian b said...

another picture of the same skull is pitured on ze last chance garage, appears to be for sale at Coupes Moto Legende 2010 in Dijon