Friday, April 30, 2010


Jean-Marie Guivarc'h has been sending his sketches and watercolors to The Vintagent for a few years now, which are primarily automotive, but he's a man of broad tastes, and makes evocative sketches of motorcycles as well.  These notebook pages were drawn at the LeMans race circuit last Sunday during the 'Bidon 2 Litres' event, which he explains below.

In the artist's words:
"I'm sending you three drawings of old French motorcycles.
The first is a Dollar 350cc ohv with an Imperial side-car...two famous names in France. [some Americans saw the Dollar 4-cylinder machine at the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit at the Guggenheim]

The second is an FN with a Bernardet side-car; perhaps it is the oldest Bernardet with a very rare body (1925 or 1926), with only two survivors and one in the USA!  The first owner was a sailor...[I know the very sidecar; it was part of the Good Olde Days collection, where I found my 1965 Velocette Thruxton.  We called the Bernardet the 'Captain Nemo' sidecar!  I believe it was hitched to an FN as well?]

The last motorcycle is a Styl'son with a 250cc JAP engine; this bike was bought during the 1970's but was restored in 2000. The owner was in University originally and had no money to restore it back then.

I have made these sketches during the 'Bidon 2 Litres' event, Sunday 25th of April at Le Mans. It is an economy run with only two liters of petrol; of course, the winner has the most economical engine!  It was a great pleasure to meet the owners, to speak with them and to discover these wonderfull motorcycles.

Best regards,

Thanks Jean-Marie!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Paul

It is a great pleasure to draw old motorcycles and to read your excellent site.

Sincerely yours


R.Dress said...

Beautiful sketches.

motorbike jean said...

nice sketches.beautiful.

4d ultrasounds said...

Amazing Bike . I Really Love it . Thanks

Chris said...

My 2 cents on this Bernardet side-car.
Yes, its a very old one, the oldest one we know riding.
It was presented to the Club at the Monthléry Show in 2001 and 2002. Owned by a nice guy near Le Mans, it's a Tourisme 1928, perfectly restored, on a FN 1929.

You can see some picts of it on the Bernardet website,
and had the chance to take it for a hell of a fun ride in the Monthléry back alleys,