Thursday, May 13, 2010


For the program of the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, I penned a meditation on the Cafe Racer, a term which should encompass all 'racers on the road' from 1900 onwards, from Edwardian gents in crazy getups and monstrous mechanical contrivances, the sleek and light ferrets of the 20s, the Rockers of the 50s, to the race replicas of the 60s and onwards, and nowadays to the incredible hand-built machinery emerging from workshops around the world.    A mindset preview of!  (Which is still under development... patience).

Click on the images for a better view.  


triumph110 said...

A movie was made in Madison, WI this past year called American Cafe. Great movie about the Slimey Crud Motorcycle Run held twice a year near Madison. Great movie about the cafe culture in the midwest.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

Like many others I enjoy your blog, and am continually surprised
and delighted by your content and style.
I dont yet have a machine approaching the subject matter of your
writing, but I enjoy reading about the diverse nature of the motorcycles that you
write about.
I have three bikes a 2002 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Tenni, a 1990 Yamaha Super Tenere
and a 1988 Suzuki DR 750. All fairly new in comparism to your bikes, but a lot of fun.

I regret that I have missed the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, would there be any chance of being able to obtain a copy of the program for the Quail?
By the look of what you've written it would be an interesting publication.

Thanks for your time.
Best Wishes

Greg Q

Anonymous said...

Great to work with you, Paul. Hope we can do it more often.

Michael T. Lynch