Saturday, April 23, 2011


From the Peril Equipe; the Yellow Peril
The Bonhams Stafford Spring 2011 sale is tomorrow; I was priveleged to take a private viewing of the bikes before they come under the hammer.  An inspiring lot of machinery!
1922 ABC in very complete, and very dusty condition
Peril Equipe; supercharged sprint Triumph
Undoubtedly the star of the show, a matching-numbers 1934 Brough Superior SS100
Rare spare!  Barr and Stroud sleeve valve v-twin engine
1929 Douglas SW5 road racer
Peril Equipe; another sprint Triumph
Replica Gilera 4-cylinder racer
Variety is the spice of an auction
It could only be a Brough
Rare 1911 Pierce 4-cylinder
1925 Indian Prince 350cc single
It could only be Brooklands
1950 Aermacchi 125N
Big BSA 1,000cc v-twin
Douglas SW5 flywheel/clutch and BTH racing magneto
Fontana double-sided magnesium racing brake
A selection of Vincent twins
1913 PandM fiddly bits
225 bikes in all; 30% more than the last sale in October
1913 PandM running gear
1938 OEC JAP special, with watercooled engine
Charming, if heavy, is the watercooled engine...
Lamp-glass silencer
Pierce 4 magneto
Norton International engine looking for a good home


Rhynchocephalian said...

Wow! Those are wonderful pictures! Just true inspiration! Would love to spend a day following in your shoes while 'on duty' in the motorcycle community. Thank you very much.

Caterpillarnut said...

Holy moly! Any more photos of the sleeve valve twin?

GreginAdelaide said...

I'd love to know more about that WC JAP special

Don O'Reilly said...

WOW! I don't know where to begin... some really stunning images here, what a thrill it must be to see all this, in one place and time. Many thanks, Mr. d'O for bringing it to us! cheers, Don

macfly said...

Great report, and great shots too. While you were there I was at another far lower key, but very enjoyable event here in SoCal, the Moto Classica festival at Willow Springs.

It is almost close enough in the calender to make a double header with the Quail if you can find some other things to fill in the time. There are a few good collections here in SoCal that could be worth your time in the weeks between the two.

Anyhow, look forward to bumping into on the green at the Quail.

Ty said...

Never too old and always surprising. It is a pity we can't hear their engines roar...Thanks for the report.

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