Saturday, May 07, 2011


"The Right Crowd, and No Crowding".  Never were truer words expressed.  It was a perfect day.
Warriors at ease: the 1929/30 World Speed Record machines, last together in the story here.
Fantasy radial-engine bike.
Photographer Dimitri Coste
Triumph ridden by Frank Chatokhine, the fastest bike of the day.
Jerome Coste of Ruby
The sisters du Bucheron return to steal hearts...
Aude Rageys, with her grandfather Roger Loyer's Velocette KTT, which she rides with great verve.
Ah, the breakdown truck...
La Planche a Dixie
French design genius on display...
Jean Marie Guic'arch, pen at the ready
Sketching the Nougier 125cc dohc special
The Nougier in question; note gear-driven cam drive.
Supercharged MG
Roger Loyer's TT Replica trophy, and the bike on which he gained it.
Montlhery sits in a forest.
New Imperials
Steering gear and suspension of the Napier-Railton, which lives in the Brooklands Museum
Primary Morgans
The 'Crocodile', Sunbeam's experimental ohc racer
The Southsiders
Organizer Vincent Chamon; excellent job, mon amis!
Super Kim; would you dare?


Ian Huard said...

Wonderful pictures of excellent machines. Great variety. One for the bucket list.

Bob said...

Wonderful images. All that's missing are the sounds and smell.

Anonymous said...



Ty said...

So many beautiful engines. Time travelling is any boys dream.

GuitarSlinger said...

Who are these Bucheron sisters ? You have to admit there's something very appealing about a couple of beautiful young ladies in a Classic Bugatti .

On Classic M/C's and cars . Its finally hit me why they're so appealing to me (at mid 50's its not Nostalgia )

Its simply that fact that when you look at , or into a Classic piece of Machinery , you immediately understand what each and every bit you're looking at does and its function .Everything is visible and in the open . Even if you don't you can follow its path and figure it out .

Then there's the added bonus that with a bit of mechanical knowledge and a fair amount of tools there's nary a problem you can't fix yourself

Whereas looking at todays machinery , you can barely see any of the mechanicals , they're so covered up by plastic etc. And even if you can trace down the part you're looking for 99% of the time you can't get to it ,never mind fix it without a raft of computers and technicians by your side .

Oh they're more reliable these new machines . But almost impossible to connect with .

Thats my Soap Box for the day

kawa said...

looks like a great event, cars and bikes... only thing missing was early Aircraft
Thanks for a great site!

Jim.Kelsall said...

Ah, Paul!

Ever since I took note some time ago that the Montlhery Vintage Revival would take place, I had hoped that I could live vicariously through the eyes of another and wondered at that time whether you would attend. Indeed, you do not disappoint.

I sincerely hope that this particular nostalgic event does not remain a one-off, with the reported, ever present, issues of the aging banking requiring periodic re-certification for usage, of high speed vehicular nature at that. Kudos to the organisers for pulling this off.

The growing trend of vintage revivals is refreshing to see. One more to add to my bucket list along with Goodwood, Barber, Rheims-Gueux...

Many thanks for the taste from afar, not quite the same as the sights, sounds and edible fare of being there but I'll take the sampler.


"Sunbeam" Jim

David R said...

The little girl in the last shot was nothing short of brilliant.

I love your site Paul, and keep posting on the Throttle Yard site - your comments are needed there.

Andrew Macpherson said...

Wow, stunning event and great review, I felt like I was there. Great pix & video too, thanks for sharing!