Thursday, July 21, 2011


Paul Zell's MeSS, 700cc of fun.
Longtime Velo man Sam Jowett, of BC, who oversees the 'Concours d'Oiligance'
The essential portable margarita blender, voted second-best Non-Velocette!
George Shoblo cleans his Thruxton
Girder-forked Velos ridden during the week
Would that this Thruxton had its original GP carb...but a Mk2 Amal probably gives easier starting
The Floyd Clymer-built Indian Velo.  Clymer owned the Indian name until his untimely death in 1970, and arranged many British engines to be housed in Italian chassis, as here.
The native fishing spots; photos from the late 1800s show near-identical scenes
The fabulous 1937 Mk7 KTT emerges from its captivity, making a glorious noise
The Concours d'Oiligance
Discussing the finer points of KTT evolution...
Not exactly Brand X; the mighty Norvin
The readers' favorite; hybrid 1948 Triumph 3T chassis, with 1950 Tiger 100 alloy engine shoehorned in place.  Smooth and perky, the super-short chassis gives sharp handling, although I wonder how it feels over 70mph?
The 'barn find' original-everything 1965 Thruxton.  As you would like to find them...


Pipérade said...

Another great post Paul!
If I could make one plea.. That muffled whumph sound that a Velo makes through its fishtail exhaust is unique.. and pictures can only tell part of the story.
How about trying to capture the sound of these truly distinctive bikes via a video or three..? Would it be possible?
Many thanks.

The Vintagent said...

Ah, time to upload my videos from the week! For the photographically inclined like myself, a week of riding means sorting through over a thousand photos...

anton dee NL said...

Thanks yet again for this wonderful display of big-boy-)and girl)toys!
Yes, I too would have loved to hear the sound of this orchstra in those winding hills :)
My Triumph TRW sv Twin had the same frame geometry as the Trophy TR5 and probaly as the 3T as well? It is quick-responding and after some 'work' it did 80 mph and after fitting 5T inlet valves even faster. Steered well enough to outrun my mates on Bonneville's and a Commando in inner cities... But maybe that's because they had less guts ;) Or more sense..?

Back to the Velos: Great machines, and although I do love the originals, there is one in particular that makes me Zellous!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha! That blender RULES!!

Anton Dee NL said...

Like to add o On The Zellocette; Although the Japanes frontbrake is probably a great stooper, I would replaced it with "something British" and that Harley-esque toobox as well.
And I wonder about the 'isolation' on the exhaust-pipe; it keeps the heath IN the pipe? That Could harm the Exhaustvalve? I burned valves on the TRW because I had (heavy) stainless homemade pipes on it, when I changed that to superthin wall pipes; no more problems with the valves!

gerard said...

It's late at night, I can't sleep.. poured a whisky ... let's serve on you tube.. what a great find, so many interesting things... looked at your favorite's, appeared very familiar, bikes.old benelli. TT pictures.. Design;Colani..who's this guy..move to his website; bike...finish my whisky as I have bookmarked your site... can go to sleep... night,night...Gerard from the UK

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

Scott here, I hope you are doing well. I need to compliment you on your blog… as usual. The Velocette Tour coverage was fantastic!