Thursday, July 14, 2011


The '38 MSS amid the ruins of a former world; ranches and dry-land farming, now gone picturesque as wind farms and dry-tolerant wheat fields have taken over.
The Dalles bridge; on the edge of spotty cloud cover - eastward is sun, westward rain, thus it was all day, but the rain never stuck, just dotted the sunshine
Behold!  The Mk7 KTT hidden within, released on a later day to sing its song
Kim Young on her 1930 KSS, the oldest bike on the rally.
KSStina's world...
Into the wild, on a 'primitive' road, to see a canyon
Winding, winding downward into yet another glorious canyon; the Klikitat river
Atticus.  Its hard being little sometimes.
Brake rotor for a wind turbine
Days of heaven
Ian's 'would you look at that' gesture
Kim's 1930 KSS; 350cc, ohc, 260lbs, cruising all day at 60mph
Atticus escapes the chair to see the world as Dad sees it


occhiolungo said...

Loads of fun Paul! and great photos.

I'm working with Atticus to teach him about leaning into the corners, but he's just getting started. ;)

grant said...

looks fantastic..........must do the lottery this weekend

ElSolitarioMC said...

Looks so great. Scenery is just beautiful... Love life

Charles said...

kids in cars! HOORAY!