Tuesday, August 02, 2011


All 21 LifeRiders were excited to see the new BMWs which would be ours for a week; 6-cylinder cruisers, four-cylinder sport and touring bikes, twin-cylinder enduros, even a single for lightweight fun.  Tricia Heifer leads the pack to see her GS.
The bikes were stored in a garage beneath the Rittenhouse hotel in Philadelphia, we had a game of 'who's bike is this' under the orange sodium lamps...

...while Paul Cox signs his life away on the release of liability form.
Stretching my boundaries a bit, I've chosen an S1000RR, certainly different than my usual ride; but if I'm going modern, I'm going all the way.
A few of us can't wait around for lunch, we want to try our bikes NOW!  So its over the Ben Franklin bridge into New Jersey...where the RR shows triple digits on its digital speedo for the first time...
Conrad Leach
Independence Hall, shrouded by scaffolding.  The day was a scorcher, 94 degrees and 90% humidity.
Justin Chatwin
The sticker says Tricia Helfer, and so it must be
Former Vogue cover girl turned actor still has her photo chops; this one is for Jérome...
Philadelphia isn't only about cream cheese...
Chris Salgardo, who purchased a 6-cylinder BMW and rode it to Philly...after stickering it up.
Jared Zaugg
The money shot.
Super models; Tyson Beckford and Tricia Helfer, a photo op for the assembled media...
...who did indeed assemble...
Philly's number one tourist attraction; the Rocky statue.  Random tourist joins group photo
Niki Thomas of amfAR fans the flames on a 1926 'J' Harley
Customizer Paul Cox immediately modifies his big twin
Not only was the day wickedly hot, we had GPS issues getting out of Philly, making many wrong turns and baking in the sun
A private tour of the Allentown collection of Mr. Bulgari, of the Italian luxo jewelry business.  Why Allentown?  That's where his restorer works...so he keeps 50 cars here, about the same in Rome, a few in New York, Paris, etc.
Each car takes about a year to restore, but many of the cars aren't restored at all.  Bulgari's fascination is with 'everyman' cars, and he doesn't collect Italian exotica, only American machinery.
Alain de Cadanet explains the steam-bent ash interior of a Ford Woodie
1910 Buick racer, undergoing repairs to a damaged engine block.  Still owned by Buick
Jason Lee; period correct
Temperatures dropped towards evening, and occasional rain/hail leavened the heat. 
Photographer and producer Timothy White
Conrad filthy and happy to be finished
As we rode into the night, a leaden sky flashed with bolts of illumination, revealing strange celestial landscapes, glimpse by glimpse.


Anonymous said...

oi...this blog is not really about vintage motorcycles, is it? how about starting another blog for the pics of Happy People/Modern Stuff/T-shirts etc? Saves me from wearing out my mouse scrolling to the truly interesting pages that do appear on your blog!

GuitarSlinger said...


Here's hoping the Simionne Museum is on the rides agenda . A not to be missed automotive treasure trove when in the Philly area .

Take a side jaunt if they didn't make it part of the trip . You won't regret it , but have plenty of Storage/Film if you do . You'll need it .

Hodge said...

Great article, I appreciated the pics, especially the Hudson, as my four wheeled daily driver is a 51 pacemaker.
Don't change anything, really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Just out of curiosity, how high were the triple digits on the bridge? Thanks for sharing!

Don O'Reilly said...

What Fun!

Kinda like back to the future for Mr. d'O.... in the next post I'm halfway expecting to see a flying motorbike!

Seriously, what better way to raise funds and awareness for an important cause. My arai is off to you, keep up the good work!