Friday, August 12, 2011


Our appointed mid-day destination was Boston, not too far from Sterling Mass. and the Chocksett Inn where we bunked, but Chris Salgardo and Jason Lee had appointments at a Boston morning TV show to discuss the ride and the Kiehl's/amfAR connection, and disappeared on their bikes at an ungodly predawn hour.  The rest of us had an easy brief; show up at the Boston Kiehl's store on time for the press/party at noon.

The Boston Kiehl's store was thronged with media and partygoers on our arrival, and we stood for group photos while the more famous posed for individual snaps. Conrad mused 'do we need to do anything?' but of course, the ride itself - 10 days of our time - was the real contribution; showing up as motorcyclists to support an important organization, amfAR, and lend visibility to Kiehl's fundraising. 

There was no downside, barring a little heat, getting lost occasionally, and the various discomforts endured in motorcycling long distances. Leaving Boston, we headed toward Newport, Rhode Island, for a stay at the Viking Hotel and an evening cruise on the harbor.  Oh, what a terrible life.

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David Blasco said...

Lovely photos. You really have the eye. "Cars Only" and the "Titanic" pose made me laugh.