Monday, September 26, 2011


Andrew from 'Pipeburn' was kind enough to interview me a few months ago: follow this link for a piece of my mind...
Riding a Vincent Black Lightning at the Grossglockner Hillclimb last year...


GuitarSlinger said...

Now I finally know who the man ( you ) is !

Great interview and boy am I glad Pipeburn finally put it up .

Seems there Paul , you and I have more in common than just age ( family member working for famous designer , a solid run of " Bad Judgement " outfits and hairdos back in the day , the mouth bigger than your muscles thing etc )

Hopefully someday we'll meet face to face .

You'll know its me when I mention the photos of mine and the wifes grandfathers from the teens/twenties I sent you awhile back

Till then I'll keep reading and Rock On Paul !

Don O'Reilly said...

Hey! Great to know a bit more about you Paul, thanks for posting. You and I have just a couple things in common as well; love of old bikes, proud parent, studied fine art, and a pop with a doctorate (my old man was a physicist). Never mind my hair in 1975, hehehehe! Keep writing! Your blog is, as the Hawaiians say, "no ka oi"
Cheers, Don

Geoff said...

Thank you for all the effort you put in to make this site. You have been on my bookmarks for years now, but I have been too thoughtless to thank you.
Paul when you put adds up like you say you must, can you avoid things that blink, as I am already half crazy.
Although now I'm thinking your friends and associates would be above blinking internet adds anyway.
Thanks from Geoff

Cando said...

Stockton, Represent!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic "Man" !
- V.C.

Anonymous said...

Great story on