Monday, November 07, 2011


In the three years since the last Legend of the Motorcycles Concours, anyone lucky enough to have attended or participated has asked the same questions; 'will there be another' and 'what are Jared Zaugg and Brooke Roner going to do next?'
You can buy a new Brough Superior SS101 Pendine with the click of a button...
They've been working hard as always, and now the fruits of their effort are revealed, in the online concept store Bench and Loom.   Alongside a continuing selection of excellent menswear and cool gear, a 'Specialty Shop' will rotate bi-monthly with a particular theme, and a curated selection of goods related to that theme.  The first Specialty is the 'Motoring Shop', on which one can buy a $250,000 Brough Superior Pendine, a pair of deerskin riding gloves for $52, a Ruby helmet, or a Conrad Leach print.  The website isn't a typical online store, as it has interesting content besides stuff for sale, and is worth a look, even if you can't whip out your Amex platinum for the Brough...
A selection from the Specialty Motoring Shop, through December 31st...
Jared and Brooke are part of the reason I started The Vintagent 5 years ago, and I wish them all luck and prosperity in their new endeavor.


GuitarSlinger said...

For any of you Brough Superior fans with bigger dreams than wallets ( myself included ) Minichamps has released a 1/6 model of T.E.'s M/C with details you wouldn't believe . More museum piece than Scale Diecast

In the US Mint Models has them in stock . No I do not work or advertise for either , but thought this might be of interest to other readers here .

As for Builtwell , they'll be getting some business from me thats for sure

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the site, I love the content and I looove the products. My Christmas list is complete!


Patrick Delli said...


A Brough bike remade today for the price you can buy some brand new hand made Rolls or Aston Martin fitted with hand fettled V8 or V12 engines???

I know exclusivity has a price tag but is this pushing the boundary somewhat?


Anonymous said...

Geez, I'm focused on the products, not the name or logo. Google shows Builtwells, Biltwells, Madewells, Wellbuilts, Wellbilts, etc. and logos that look like Peterbilts. So what. The Builtwell Shop concept is totally unique, the products are totally unique, their audience couldn't be more different, and no one should get their panties in a twist. I like both and I think this new shop is damn cool.

- Mike L. in Houston

Small Sun said...

Twisted panties, 25 votes....a must for next season !
I'm not happy that these showponies
make 1 unobtainable 'haute couture' bike as an excuse to sell overpriced 'pret a porter' designer jackets, and the name pinch is a fail. Lost me on this one Paul.

Anonymous said...

Smalll Sun / Small Mind

This comment made me laugh. So people who inspired this blog are show ponies and a $250K bike made by Brough or a $500K bike made by Falcon (as stated in Architectural Digest) are haute couture bikes, and there's no validity in the workmanship you imply with these machines, just a name? And a shop name spelled distinctly with a distinct font for a company that sells distinct clothes is a pinch, and hand made jackets from a 200 year old company is pret a porter, not quality? I love Mondays! I couldn't care less about all this and I can't even afford most this stuff but this was just too rich to ignore. Paul, best you focus on straight history so you don't alienate your readers.

Cameron White
Park City, UT

The Vintagent said...

A note to commenters: No, Jared and Brooke didn't realize there was a 'Biltwell', and have changed the name of their beautiful new site accordingly.
I've deleted the now-irrelevant comments regarding the original name.

Richard Worsham said...

While I certainly can't afford any of the items in this store, I can't disagree more with the statement that there is no validity in the workmanship of a machine whose reason d'etre is to unite art and utility just because of its worth.

I'm not a fan of replicas, but the new Brough is no more "haute couture" than the originals--the Rolls Royces of motorcycles--more power to them. And as for Falcon, any man who can create what Ian has produced over the last three for a living is to be admired.

It will be a sad world when there are no longer hideously expensive machines that can then be forgotten in barns for 80 years and restored and coveted. There has always been a market for exquisite things, (sometime merely exquisitely branded things), but exquisite things non the less. I love that its cool once again to pine after glorious hunks of metal and hand-craftmanship and dress like a man (or woman for that matter).

Keep it up and maybe consider Antoine de Saint-Exupery as your next "man of character."

Jared Zaugg said...

Dear All,

We've been so focused on our work that we didn't focus enough on other companies in the process. That's my faux pas. (My loved ones still chide me on my poor decision-making skills and multiple flaws.)

Thankfully, all is right with the world now, for the time being.

For anyone whose pulsed was raised by this, next time you see me I'll buy you a drink (a cheap one though, not one that's commensurate with the products we sell).

Thank you to those that have supported us in the past and may do so in the future. I know we probably don't deserve it but we appreciate it.



GuitarSlinger said...

Kind of amazing how the comments here went from complaints about the name ( two thumbs up for the name change by the way ) to railing about the prices of Bespoke ( Brough Superior ) and custom ( Falcon's creations ) motorcycles .

Any of you doing the carping ever taken the time to actually ' Build ' a motorcycle ? Any clue how much time $$$ and effort it takes to do so ? Any idea how much you throw away before getting to the stuff that works when you're creating from scratch ? I'll guess not .

Sure not everyone can afford a Brough re-creation or have Ian build them the bike of their dreams . But tell me seeing these M/C's doesn't inspire a bit of creativity or at least a dream or two . If they don't ... well ...... you're existing , not living .

As to the prices of the items on the Bench & Loom site , well again , sure everyone can't afford them . But that shouldn't stop you from finding the bits you can afford from a lesser brand to attain the style if thats your choice . It can be done , especially if you know where the quality used clothing stores are .

In closing , there's always going to be something only the well heeled can afford , but expressing jealousy isn't going to make your day any better . Try appreciating what's all available out there and being content with what you can afford instead . Heck the prices of Vincent twins has gone beyond my reasonable reach but that doesn't stop me from still being a VOC member , enjoying each and every one I see or read about as well as looking forward to the next article / custom build etc .

Small Sun said...

Cameron, I'm not trying to flame anyone(it was deliberately tongue in le cheek)It's just the name thing really bugged me.
The website has some stunning gear (love the Dehen club sweater), and the bike is a work of art, as is the Falcon (and the Chanel bike, my personal fave).Good luck with it, and pleased you've stepped back from what seemed a clear infringement re the name.

RR Knight said...

I just wanted to say that I agree with the majority here - Mike, Rufus, Cameron, Richard, Mr. Guitar. I think the concept, the site and the content are inspiring. I also agree with The Vintagent that Brooke and Jared are inspiring people and created something enduring and meaningful in the past and are capable of doing it again. Most people talk, this couple does. I'm reminded of a quote by Teddy Roosevelt:

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

It's so easy to be critical. It's much harder to risk and put yourself out there for mistakes and criticism. So ignore the critics and those that bandy negativity - they are the few poor spirits. Know that there are many who applaud you for taking chances, dreaming big, and being an inspiration. You have touched many of us I hope you find great success!

R.R. Knight
San Rafael, CA

klooz said...

I am content to read about quality processes and materials that I will never be able to afford, particularly if it means rescuing an ancient breed of sheep from extinction. 50 dollar gloves of great manufacture I am on the verge of considering. But when quite dear but unwashable true selvage denim is available only in sizes 32 , maybe 33, it is clear I am not young, svelte or fashionable enough to be in their target audience, Sigh, dreams sometimes require true unconsciousness to be dreams.

Anton NL said...

Cannot afford it, but I applaud the effort -made by people who can- to re-create it...
This is one beautiful engineered bike. I don't feel any envy to those who can buy it and hopefully ride it. I worked on lots of bikes I could not buy and feel fortunate that I could ride them in that position.
Sometimes an eye-opener, for instance this way I learned that Harley D's are not my thing after all.

When I COULD afford one the new-built Broughs, it would be my first new bike in 30 years.

occhiolungo said...

I applaud Jared and Brooke. Not only because they are great folks; nice, caring, historical, etc. But because they are DOING SOMETHING. In a world full of armchair quarterbacks, somebody still has to get out there on the field and throw the ball. Criticizing is fair, and it is required in order for things to get better. But I'm always glad to see somebody doing real work in a thoughtful manner.

J&B, best of luck on your new adventure.