Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Ruby boutique on rue Hérold always has a few very cool motorcycles inside
When the big halls of Rétromobile or Freysinette/Bonhams feel confining, a walk (or Metro - it was cold!) through Paris is rich with possibility for a vintage moto enthusiast.  Here's how I spent my in-between times during a 3-day visit.
When its cold out, some hot chestnuts from a vintage Peugeot 3-wheel delivery moto help warm the hands...
A good traveling companion helps; I was lucky to spend the day with artist Conrad Leach
The offices of Café Racer magazine has editor Bertrand's Champion-framed Triumph TT racer, and a poster of the 'Speed' special issue which featured my article on 'Selling Speed'.
Café Racer editor Bertrand Bussillet
The Triumph frame shows evidence of repair, and use.  Bertrand says the open 'TT' pipes aren't too loud...
Hard at work with a nice view...
Merci is a 'concept store' which has themed collections; this month its all about bicycles.  The vintage Fiat 500 which sits in their entry courtyard is always appropriately decorated...
Nice fin-de-siecle shaft-drive bike (possibly a Pierce?)
Hyper-modern Van Hulsteijn chassis, made in Holland.
Even a spoked chandelier for the Velo theme...
Some of the gear translates to motorcycling, but bicycle culture itself has exploded the past few years as the popularity of human-powered two wheels has grown in urban areas...
A cousin to motorcycle practice.  These inverted levers were ultra-light and hollow.
Out on the streets again, you never know what crazy vintage mopeds you'll run across.  I'd never seen a Peugeot 'Monkey bike' like this one.
...they come in an endless variety, like this fan-cooled Mobylette
Rocker Speed Shop
Any store with a 'square-barrel' Triumph TR5 Trophy inside is OK with me
Everything for the modern motorcyclist of taste
Plus the only Norton-guitar I've ever seen...even a Castrol ukelele
The favorite.
Get your modern Mexican fighting rings...
Even Geo Ham makes an appearance.
And always, a stop at the Ruby boutique, to see what Jérome Coste has come up with lately.  He designed the interior of the boutique, including the furniture and displays.
Carbon fiber 'Belvedere' helmet with speed scallops
The original Pavillon helmet, with matching silk scarf.
The latest in luxury...Ruby leather motorcycle wear.  These gloves are prototypes, part of an expanding range of riding gear made to Jérome Coste's exacting standards.  [Ruby is a sponsor of The Vintagent.  Paul d'O is a lucky duck to test Ruby prototype gear!]


GuitarSlinger said...

Said it before

Saying it again

Damn French ( copious amounts of envy intended )

Any chance of French ' Cafe Racer ' coming to the US in an English version ?

Nice way to spend your off days Paul !

Damn French ! I want one of those Belvedre helmets BTW

Duncan said...

Hi Paul,

Don't want to be a wiseguy ...but the light blue pushbike with futuristic frame is actually made in The Netherlands.

Like you blog mate... read it often!