Sunday, May 19, 2013


Brough Superior CEO Mark Upham at Bonneville in 2011, where the Brough reached a peak speed of 127.1mph
After a two-year hiatus spent developing a new race machine, Brough Superior returns to Bonneville for the BUB speed trials August 24-29.  Brough director Mark Upham is confident in their new attack on 10 World's Speed Records in their class, having started from a clean slate after their successful Bonneville runs in 2011, and will return with TWO Brough Superior 'SS101's for speed record work.  Pictured below is 'the second machine being road-tested, after the 5th dyno test.  We are more than happy with the results.'  
The keen-eyed will spot a twin-carb and twin-magneto setup on the new Brough Superior Bonneville racer, plus a Pendine-style fuel tank (with metal straps), and a JTOR-style engine with enclosed rockers.  The 'Castle' forks have been reinforced, and gone are the distinctive air scoops from the 2011 machine. Whether this machine is as-yet unpainted, or will be nickel plated as per the 'Works Scrapper' remains to be seen...
This is the first photograph yet released of the new Brough Superior record-breaker; Mark Upham promises "Better pictures will be available in August.  You have the first one - no one has this picture yet."  Upham continues, "We are going back to run for 10 world records this year; ITV will make four one-hour films about Brough Superior and the Bonneville challenge.  There will also be, Henry Cole will also film for the Motorbike Show and The Discovery channel.  Our rider's this year are Eric Patterson, Alan Cathcart and Henry Cole."

Brough Superior goes back to the Bonneville Salt Flats from Revival Cycles on Vimeo.

The Vintagent will be at Bonneville this August to document the action!


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this bike in 2011 at BUB Speed Trials in the hotel parking lot the night my Throwback brother and I arrived. Incredible to see it run all week, from a mediocre 84mph to its record run of over 124. The Revival team had an entire fleet of drool worthy machines in use as pit bikes. Can't wait to see them again this year.

Jared Troop Wambaugh

GuitarSlinger said...

Good news on all fronts . The Brough back at the Salts ! How in any way can that be anything but good news . Any clue Paul if photo's of the bike can be purchased from the team ? And on that front Paul ... any way I can purchase one of your ' WetPlate ' photo's from the salt ? I'm interested in one of the Shinya photo's you took that I've named " Salt Ghost " .... to take a place of honor in my ' studio ' ( with all that implies in light of the moniker ) as a bit of inspiration ;-) Rock On !

Anonymous said...

I believe, if you read the caption, the Brough in the photo is in fact an entirely new machine, joining the previous record breaker. It will be interesting to see just how they fair, neck and neck so to speak.

The Vintagent said...

Was I unclear? Yes, this is an entirely new machine, as mentioned, developed for Bonneville 2013, with the obvious modifications noted.