Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Southsiders MC have included an art gallery in the Wheels & Waves concept, to celebrate the many visual artists who enrich our motorcycling world - photographers, sculptors, bike builders, musicians, etc.  Thursday night's kickoff party took place at Gallerie 13 Avril in Biarritz, a former paint factory, the old warehouse space underneath a residence built in a charming 19th Century southern France style, complete with an elderly tenant upstairs, who, while fascinated with the commotion on his small, normally quiet street, ultimately latched his wooden storm shutters to get some peace from the happy celebrants below.

This year's roster of artists included photographer Bill Phelps (featured previously on The Vintagent), painter/musician/preacher Brian Bent, Spanish photographer Alberto Garcia Alix, and photographer Alain Duplantier. El Solitario showed their latest Ducati-based custom, looking like nothing you've ever seen, and surely their best work to date. 

Surprise guests of the evening included the prototype BMW R90S built by Roland Sands (and recently debuted at Villa d'Este), accompanied by Roland himself, and Ola Stenegard, head of BMW motorcycle design.  Also on show, thanks to the foresight of Sebastien Lorentz, was the equally spectacular BMW R7 (also much discussed on The Vintagent).  More on the BMW show-up later...

The art was all top notch, the venue quirky enough to satisfy  everyone, and the hugely international crowd was thrilled to meet up.  BikeExif's Chris Hunter arrived from New Zealand, plus Jordan Kightley from the Gentleman Racer rides and  Sydney Cafe Racers, plus lots of Americans/Brits/Dutch/German etc riders.  Next: Friday's ride and illegal sprint race!


Anonymous said...

I don't get the R/S R 90/S.

The stock R 1200 S and HP are superior in every way, using currently applied technology. Why put all that work into an inferior mill dolled up to look current? And, in the case of the R 1200 types, not only do you get superior performance, you also get the potential of 120,000-plus miles out of the machine.



Anonymous said...

I love this new Roland Sands styled BMW; they should put into production. Bikes with organic lines need to make a come back.