Thursday, August 22, 2013


Rider Eric Patterson aboard the 1150cc Brough Superior 'Roadrunner' with new, shapely streamlining, similar in feel to the 1930s Brough record-breaker 'Leaping Lena'
The Ace Café sponsored a preview party for Brough Superior's second Bonneville invasion at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA yesterday, bringing along the pair of salt flat racers they'll be campaigning.  Jay Leno hosted the event, and unveiled a surprise - a completely new all-carbon-fiber sports machine with a Brough Superior logo!  I'll get the full story on this machine, and BS Chief Mark Upham's intentions, when I head to Bonneville next week.

Here's Mark's note on last night's event: 

"Dear Paul,
 I am sorry you were not able to come across to the party; here are a few words and pictures.
The revamped Brough 1150 'Roadrunner', showing the minimal streamlining allowed for specific categories of record.
Mark McKee very kindly hosted the Ace Café/Brough Superior Party "Return to the Salt".
Unveiled was the redesigned and very radical streamlined Brough Superior  1150cc formally known as the Retro Brough, now renamed "The Roadrunner". This bike is campaigning for 4 class world titles at BUB 2013.
The 'Baby Pendine' Brough Superior, with a 750cc MkII engine
The second bike unveiled - formally known,as the 'Baby Pendine', is also fitted with a MKII engine but of only 750cc capacity. Due to its manorial type windshield, holding the coat of arms of the Brough family, it is been renamed "The Black Knight", and is campaigning for 2 categories of titles, two FIM and 4 AMA.
The previously unseen Brough Superior entry into Moto2 GP racing, built by John Keogh and Paul Taylor
The 3rd motorcycle unveiled, and a great shock for many there, was the extremely radical Moto2 carbon-fiber Brough Superior. This motorcycle has a full monocoque chassis, designed by John Keogh, and was engineered by Paul Taylor of Taylor Race Engineering, USA, specifically to race in the Moto2 GP Class, and will be entered in the GP series as a wild card in 2014.
The bike is tried and tested, it was seen at Goodwood [Festival of Speed] in demonstration runs, driven by Alan Cathcart. No one knew it was a Brough Superior, since until now it is only ever been raced and tested without any Brough Superior livery. The bike was unveiled by Jay Leno.

Thank you,


Irish Murph said...

God, that Salt racer is gorgeous, very tradition and in keeping with the era of Brough.
No idea what who was smoking what when they made the carbon fiber thing tho. Maybe too much gin.

Anonymous said...

The 750 is one of the most beautiful Broughs I have ever seen. The 1150 is kind of odd looking and as for the plastic thing, words fail me! Disgusting isnt strong enough! Please Mark produce some more continuation bikes and dont distroy the legacy that you are the current guardian of.

GuitarSlinger said...

The "RoadRunner " - Kind of ugly but I get why and I hope it works

The " Black Knight " - Jeeze if that isn't one of the most beautiful renditions of a Brough ... or most any other M/C for that matter I don't know what is . And again ... here's hoping ...

But the MotoGP2 ? Seriously ? Methinks they may of over stepped their bounds on that one .. MotoGP2 becoming rather serious of late as well as the whole idea being a bit irrelevant to the revival of the brand

jerrykap said...

Doesn't MotoGP2 use Honda 600cc spec engines? Whatever, I wish them all well. There's some of the closest dogfighting in that class that I've seen in a long time. It would be truly remarkable if they could gain a podium or two.

dickg113 said...

Saw the bikes at Bonneville. Unfortunately I was not able to stick around and here them run, next year?

Gary France said...

Here is a link to part of the story about what happened at Bonneville with the Brough Superiors this week....