Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Shot mostly in Biarritz during Wheels+Waves last June, this short film includes many of the machines featured in the the Gestalten/BikeExif book, 'The Ride', which arrived at the publisher's offices in Berlin just yesterday.  The film has interviews with Roland Sands, Ola Stenegard (BMW chief designer), David Borras (El Solitario), Vincent Prat (Southsiders), and Chris Hunter (BikeExif).

Do the Ride Thing – The Bikes, the Builders, and the Book from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Myself, Chris Hunter (BikeExif), Gary Inman (Sideburn), and David Edwards (BikeCraft) wrote the text for the book, which is available here: artist Maxwell Paternoster (Corpses from Hell) made a sew-on patch for the limited-edition slipcase version of 'The Ride', which is pretty good in itself (Max is painting up an outrageous motorcycle jacket for me at the moment - I'll post it when it arrives!).  As I was riding a loaner BMW K1300S at Wheels+Waves, I wasn't cool enough to make the film!  Still, there's a shot of me behind Nico/Ornamental Conifer (with a slingshot) from last year's W+W...

Here's the link to Gestalten's web page to buy the slipcase edition of 'The Ride'. 

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